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Which Questions To Ask When Buying Fitness Equipment

Questions to ask
What type of equipment do you need? Strength ? Cardio? Both?
What requirements (space, electrical, maintenance) are there for each piece of equipment?
Where do you plan on placing the equipment?
What kind of equipment have you and/or your friends used?
What did you and/or they like or dislike?
What would they recommend for your skill and interest level?
What kind of safety features does the equipment have? (This could be important if you have children)
When possible, try before you buy. For instance: try out the equipment at a local health club or borrow a friend’s equipment. Try out the equipment in the store. Don’t be bashful! Use it for more than a few minutes to get a real feel whether it will work for you.
Does the product have a warranty? What does it cover?
How do you maintain the equipment?
How do you get it serviced? (For larger pieces of equipment, such as a treadmill, a repair person may have to visit your home).

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