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ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill

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    The All New ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill! Featuring the latest technology along with a true runner's platform, the Boston Marathon Treadmill is a marathon training treadmill like no other. Powered by a by a 10" Full Color Capacitive Touch Screen Display and Google Android Browser this interface offers amazing feedback and interaction via iFit Live.

    Minimalist/Streamlined Design
    Introducing a design that boasts a wide-open running platform and eliminates the motor hood and arms that feel confining and constricting to experienced runners.

    The Boston Marathon Treadmill is protected with a Lifetime Frame and Motor Warranty, 6-Year Parts and Electronics Warranty and a 3-Year Labor Warranty.


    Boston Marathon Treadmill SpeedRingSpeedRing & Heart Rate Compatible
    The SpeedRing is conveniently worn on your finger and adjusts speed in one-tenth of a MPH increments using Bluetooth 4.0, the newest, advanced wireless communications technology. Effortlessly adjust the speed up to 15 MPH. Because the Speed Ring adjusts speed in one-tenth MPH increments, it's the perfect training tool for gradually increasing the intensity of your run.

    Wireless Chest Strap Included
    Maximize your training with the included wireless chest strap. Your heart rate reading is continuously displayed on the touch screen during your entire run. Perfect for heart rate training or a quick progress check up, this innovative system will help you train at your best.




    Marathon RunnerBoston HD Video Workouts
    The best way to train, Boston HD Video Workouts simulate race conditions both in video and with automatic incline and decline. Video of the historic race is displayed on the treadmill's 10" full-color touch screen. Every hill is simulated with inclines up to 20% and declines down to -6%. HD video is exclusive to the ProForm treadmill and will be shot on location on Race Day 2012.

    Onboard Marathon Training
    Choose from two marathon training programs, 16 weeks or 20 weeks, built right into the treadmill. These built-in programs get progressively harder so you can be prepared for your next race. Nutrition and other activity tracking options are also available for a complete training program. Plus, you can share your progress with your friends on Facebook!




    Boston Marathon Treadmill Cadence TrainingCadence Training and Stride Rate Sensor
    Set your target cadence on the console display and the Boston Marathon Treadmill's Cadence Coach emits an audible tone, like a metronome, to keep you on track. Use it throughout the run or for a short interval. The Stride Rate Sensor detects and counts each step and displays it on the touch screen as a steps-per-minute readout.

    Running Efficiency Gauge
    A built-in sensor reads the consistency of your steps and stride throughout every run. The data is displayed on the console in a Running Efficiency Gauge, similar to the RPM gauge in a car.





    Boston Marathon Treadmill MotorPowerful Drive System
    The Boston Marathon Treadmill is built with a powerful 4.25 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Pro Motor to deliver incredible performance to every run. Built to last, this treadmill boasts a heavy-duty 400 lb. weight capacity and precision machined and balanced, non-flex rollers that will prolong the life of the drive system. And, with an extra-long 20" x 62" non-stretch, 2-ply, commercial treadbelt, there's plenty of room to find the right stride length.

    Top Speed of 15 MPH
    With a top speed of 15 MPH, even the fastest runners can train on the Boston Marathon Treadmill. Speeds up to a 4-minute mile are slightly faster than the pace expected from this year's Boston Marathon leaders. This treadmill offers the first ever 15 MPH speed range on a home treadmill that runs on a standard 15 amp home electrical circuit.




    Boston Marathon Treadmill Incline and DeclineDecline and Incline Training
    Training for the Boston Marathon demands both incline and decline running techniques. With an incline up to 20% and a revolutionary decline down to -6%, the Boston Marathon Treadmill delivers variety and realistic training to your program. Integrated with HD Video of the Boston Marathon and workouts Powered by Google Maps™, the marathon and other trails around the world are simulated on the treadmill, every incline and decline.

    ZipSpeed and ZipIncline
    With the swipe of a finger, adjust your speed and incline/decline right on the touch screen. Ideal for interval training and Fartleks, the ZipSpeed™ and ZipIncline™ bars make big speed/incline changes from 1 to 15 MPH and -6% decline to 20% incline without breaking your stride.




    Boston Marathon Treadmill RunnerSelect

    Runners Select Impact Control

    Exclusive to the Pro-Form Boston Marathon Treadmill, Runner's Select Impact Control offers runners complete cushioning control. Select on and the full-length suspension reduces impact on your joints. Choose off for a road-like simulation. This impact system caters to the feel and needs of every performance runner. Personalize your training for the best results.






    Boston Marathon Treadmill iFit

    Powered by Google Maps

    Created as a smart treadmill, the Boston Marathon Treadmill is built with iFit Live Technology. Using the browser right on the console, runners can draw a map anywhere in the world and then experience the route right on the treadmill. These workouts, Powered by Google Maps, automatically simulate every hill in any route around the world with inclines up to 20% and declines down to -6%. Track your real-time progress on the touch screen with Google Maps Street View or a dynamic runner marker that moves from start to finish along each mapped route.

    Compete against the iFit Live community with iFit Live Competitions. Sign up online at iFit.com or on your console to get started. Complete the race on your schedule and watch as your dynamic runner moves from start to finish on the touch screen. The leader's time and average time are also displayed.




    ifit.comPersonal Profile at iFit.com
    Keep track of your progress with your personal profile at iFit.com. Workout results are automatically uploaded in real time. Nutrition and other activity tracking options are also available for a complete training program. Plus, you can share your progress with your friends on Facebook!





    Boston Marathon Treadmill Touch Screen

    Browser Powered by Android
    Now, you can get online while you work out! The beautiful, responsive, full-color touch screen, features a browser Powered by Android. Connect to your home's wireless network to check the news, read email, watch sports highlights, get on Facebook; and more! Plus, navigate through workout stats and options with the swipe of a finger and track your speed, time, distance, incline, decline, calories burned and pulse. And, with iFit Live™ Technology, you can watch your workout progress through Google Maps Street View!





    • Train for the Boston Marathon from the comfort of your own home
    • Run the Boston Marathon via the High Definition Video Workouts
    • On Board Marathon Training
    • 10" Full Color Touch Screen Display
    • Samsung 1 GHZ Processor / 8 Gig Flash Memory / 512 MB RAM
    • Google Android Browser
    • Powered by Google Maps
    • Built in iFit Live
    • Runners Select Impact Control Cushioning
    • iPod Compatible Audio (2 - 3" Speakers)
    • Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System
    • 20" x 62" Non-Stretch, 2-Ply, Commercial TreadBelt
    • ZipIncline Control (-6% to 20%)
    • ZipSpeed Control (0 to 15 MPH)
    • Speed Ring Included
    • Running Efficiency & Stride Rate Sensor
    • Goal Training (Time, Distance, Calories, or Pace)
    • 2 Core Cooling Fans (8" Tall)
    • ANT + / BLE Wireless Compatibility (Receiver Included)
    • Adidas ANT + Wireless Chest Strap Included
    • 400lb User Weight Capacity
    • -6% Decline to 20% Incline
    • 0 to 15 MPH
    • 4.25 CHP Mach Z Commercial Pro Motor
    • 20" x 62" Running Surface
    • 2-Ply, Non-stretch Commercial Running Belt
    • Runners Flex Cushioning
    • 2.5" Precision Machined and Balanced, Non-Flex Rollers
    • Warranty: Lifetime Frame & Motor, 6 Years All Parts & Electronics, 3 Years Labor 

    Full Press Release: Running Partners, Boston Marathon and Pro-Form® Fitness Announce Partnership to Create "Runner's Treadmill"

    (Boston, MA — April 9, 2012) — The Boston Athletic Association, host of the world's oldest annual marathon with stringent qualification requirements, announces its partnership with Pro-Form® the number one brand of treadmills and other fitness equipment, to introduce Pro-Form® the official Boston Marathon treadmill.

    The product will be unveiled at a media event on Thursday, April 12 and available for the public to see at the John Hancock Fitness Expo in Booth 262 on Friday, April 13 through Sunday, April 15 at the Seaport World Trade Center. The treadmill will ship Fall 2012.

    "Pro-Form® has developed the first treadmill which brings the realism of the road to treadmill training," said Thomas Grilk, Executive Director of the Boston Athletic Association. "We look forward to working with Pro-Form® to introduce this exciting new product to runners and especially Boston Marathoners."

    Highlights of the product include:

    Minimalist Running Treadmill

    The buzz these days usually focuses on minimalist running shoes for a more natural running style. This first ever minimalist running treadmill introduces a design that provides a wide open running platform and eliminates the motor hood and arms that may feel confining and constricting to an experienced runner.

    Official Training from Boston Marathon Staff

    Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is a major accomplishment for any runner and the qualifying standard will be more stringent for the 2013 race. Training programs on the new Pro-Form® treadmill are designed to help more runners qualify for the historic race. The B.A.A's coaching staff has contributed to the development of the training programs

    "There are many different ways to train for the Boston Marathon, and we've been waiting for the right partner with treadmill expertise," Michael Pieroni said, head coach of the of the Boston Athletic Association Running Club. Pro-Form® worked with Boston Athletic Association® resulting in a new training protocol that offers a level of customization previously not available."

    Simulate Race Conditions in Training

    Run and see the historic course in HD video shown on the treadmill's 10-inch Android™ touchscreen integrated into the console. The treadmill will automatically incline and decline to match the elevation every mile of the race

    Pro-Form® the official Boston Marathon treadmill is an internet-connected device with built-in Wi-Fi and a browser powered by Android with a 10-inch touchscreen integrated into the console.

    Created as "smart" fitness equipment, the treadmill is compatible with iFit.com, a performance training website owned by Pro-Form®. At iFit.com, runners use the Google Maps™ tool to draw a real-life running route that automatically downloads to the treadmill. iFit Live™ Technology, with its live internet connection, allows users to track their real-time progress on the console's Google Maps™ display with a dynamic "runner" marker that moves along each route. Runners experience "what the road does" as the treadmill automatically adjusts incline, and enjoy the view with Google Street View™.

    The HD video will be shot during the 2012 Boston Marathon and is unique to the ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill. Runners can also draw other courses anywhere in the world on iFit.com The treadmill matches the course terrain and the Android Console will display the runners' progress on Google Maps, including Street View, Map, Satellite, Hybrid, Earth views. At the conclusion of each run, workout results are automatically uploaded to a personal profile page at iFit.com.

    Machine Weight:
    300 lbs
    4.25 hp
    Speed Range:
    0-15 mph
    Elevation Range:
    -6% to 20%
    Running Surface:
    20" x 62"
    # of Programs:
    Max. User Weight:
    400 lbs
    Parts Warranty:
    6 Years
    Labor Warranty:
    3 Years
    ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill | Fitness Experts ()
    • ProForm Boston Marathon Treadmill | Fitness Experts

    Lifetime - Frame & Motor
    6 Years - Parts & Electronics
    3 Years - Labor

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